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a pastor from newton set out to do a good deed.... but ended up in the emergency room. cory stout is now home from the hospital and is recovering. on wednesday he was helping a stranded driver on the side of the road, when he was hit by an alleged drunk driver. the impact threw stout -- causing him to get several stitches in his head and injuring his shoulder. stout is the lead pastor of community heights alliance church. he plans to preach on sunday.... a message of faith when things do not go as expected and a message of
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540802 - i dont want know whats going on in his life, what forms of pain hes enduring or what would cause him to turn to alcohol but our prayer is that he would turn from that and come to see that there is hope the man police say was behind the wheel of the car.... 19 - year - old rey kahlil of west des moines. he is charged with o -w- i in the first offense and bonded out of the jasper county jail four people are facing charges in a kidnapping case, and two of the suspects are minors. police say around 6-30 last night, a juvenile told officers he was forced into his car at gunpoint.. and ordered to drive to oleson park. he claims he the men assaulted him and then damaged his car. the investigation led to a home, where officers say they found drug-related items. 18-year old ricki riley... and 19-year old dakota marnach are both facing possession with the intent to deliver charges. a fifteen year old is charged with second degree kidnapping and possession.. a 17-year is is charged with
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charges are pending against a teen... accused of leading des moines police on a chase this morning. police noticed a stolen truck on university avenue around one. the driver took off towards pleasant hill.. officers set out stop sticks which deflated the tires... but they say the 17- year old kept going. the chase continued... onto highway 65, then onto interstate 80. speeds reached 102-miles an hour. police say the truck went off the road and crashed near altoona. the driver told officers she intentionally went off the road. she was treated for injuries at the hospital. be sure to slow down if you're in the altoona area tonight. more officers will be on around eastern polk county for a traffic enforcement. they will be looking for impaired drivers... but will be enforcing all traffic laws. senator joni ernst is back in iowa on the way to completing her 99- county tour. in ames today... she talked about gun rights...saying how we define mental health issues needs to be addressed.. but she also says gun rights are being unfairly stripped from
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ernst says we need a president who is responsive to terror threats... but she declined to say which candidate she would endorse. 43 as a united state senator.... and then support that candidate. 1:02 ernst also visited fort dodge, webster city and carroll.. president obama vetoing legislation that would have repealed the affordable care act... the bill would have cut federal funding for planned parenthood. it's one of many repeal measures pushed by republican lawmakers since 20-10, when obama signed the health care program into law. the bill goes back to the republican- led congress, which does not have the votes to override the veto. presidential candidate, ted cruz, is criticizing president obama's ability to keep the country safe...
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charges yesterday. both men came into the u-s as refugees from iraq. while in mason city, senator cruz said the arrests support his view that the u-s should not accept refugees from syria. 1:00-1:12 both were iraqi refugees, both came in through the vetting programs that president obama tells us are perfectly effective for vetting terrorists. cruz has introduced legislation that would impose a three year moratorium on bringing any refugees from countries with a strong al qaeda or isis presence... bernie sanders is touting his plan to expand family leave.. saying it's far better than party rival, hillary clinton's plan. she believes that a ollar sixty one a week payroll tax on the average worker is too high a price for three months of paid family and medical leave. i
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sanders in cedar rapids today.. he told the crowd that the bill would guarantee that every worker would get the leave the deserve. sanders said he'll do everything to pass it as a senator and would be proud to sign it as president. a rescue dog... turned police k-9 made quite a bust on his first call... bosco was adopted by the ankeny department last year. the community raised 30-thousand dollars to bring the black lab from a shelter in indiana. 15-hundred of that... was raised by five year old, tristan sommerfeld, alone. bosco joined the force in november... and has been training ever since... and he was trained well... on his first call out... he discovered 40-pounds of marijuana. ankeny police say that's worth about 122-thousand dollars on the streets. this picture was shared on bosco's own instagram account... where he posts, "i love my job." you can follow him at bosco
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golfers are usually holed up in the winter... but a new business in ankeny is letting them get back in to the swing of things.... how you can step onto a warm golf course in the dead of winter. a new salvation army thrift store opens in the metro... why you'll find something new everyday on its shelves...and what your purchase means to the organization... and 800-million dollars is up for grabs... the powerball numbers that are a
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a record breaking jackpot... just got higher... if someone wins tomorrow night... they'll take home a cool... half billion dollars. ticket sales have pushed up the jackpot not once... but twice today. saturday night's drawing value has jumped to 800-million dollars. the cash payout is 496-million the option of taking annual payments over 29 years. the iowa lottery says demand is high in iowa... and some stores have run out of paper in powerball terminals... players already have big plans for
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13:34:46 i'd go buy an island and kind of disappear 13:34:51 tickets are two dollars each... players are now deciding how to pick the best numbers.. lottery officials says each ticket has the same odds, but are some strategies luckier than others? lynn melling breaks it down... if you're yet to buy your tickets... consider letting the computer do the picking for you.. according to powerball... 80- percent of winning tickets were "quick picks".. where the computer selects the numbers rather than choosing your own. but then again, 80-percent of buyers use quick picks to play... if you decide to pick your own numbers anyway... here are a few things to consider. since 19-97 the most selected powerball was the number 20. it was picked 75- times. as for the white balls... the top five most selected numbers are 26... 41... 22...16... and 42. at the same time there are a
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number seven isn't as lucky as you think... same goes for the number one. that's because they are used on about 15-percent of tickets... increasing the likelihood of a split jackpot. now the odds of winning the jackpot are one in 292-million... but that doesn't mean it isn't worth taking a chance. savvy gamblers make their betting decision based on what's called a positive-expectation play. that's a bet that will statistically pay more than one-dollar for every dollar risked. in the case of the powerball... that jackpot would have to be at least 584- million dollars in order to have a positive expectation... if there is a single winner. the latest update shows about 65- percent of all the possible combinations had already been purchased for saturdays drawing... 800-million too much? how about a shot at 165-million? that's the jackpot of tonight's mega millions drawing... tickets cost one dollar... or two dollars with the megaplier option.
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little better.. with a one in 258-million chance of winning the big prize. blustery nw winds will kick in tonight and begin a drop in temperatures that will extend through the overnight and all day saturday, with the bottom not arriving until sunday morning. temperatures on saturday will start in the upper-teens around 7 am, and drop into the single digits by evening. saturday night, wind chills will be in the -15 to -20 range through sunday morning. sunday will be cold as well, with highs in the low teens, but temperatures will actually begin to climb sunday night into monday. the 7-day will bring a break from the rain as light snow wraps up this evening, leaving only minimal chances for flurries over the next week. america is not just electing a president, we're also electing a commander in chief. that choice matters. because strengthening the economy,
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raising incomes. all of that depends on us being both secure at home and leading the world. i will get up every single day and do whatever it takes to make sure our country is safe and strong.
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blustery nw winds will kick in tonight and begin a drop in temperatures that will extend through the overnight and all day saturday, with the bottom not arriving until sunday morning. temperatures on saturday will start in the upper-teens around 7 am, and drop into the single digits by evening. saturday night, wind chills will be in the -15 to -20 range through sunday morning. sunday will be cold as well, with highs in the low teens, but temperatures will actually begin to climb sunday night into monday. the 7-day will bring a break from the rain as light snow wraps up this evening, leaving only minimal chances for
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the cold weather and rain is bad news for golfers. but they can still hit the links... at least, virtually. backspin indoor golf just opened in ankeny three weeks ago. there are five "golf simulators" with projection screens where you can pick from 95 virtual courses. golfers use their real clubs and balls.. when the ball hits the screen, a program calculates how far and fast your ball would go on the course. 22:17 pretty much since we've been open, 35-simulatrs full... so we're
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daily operations manager, matt thomas says the software they use, is simliary to what pro golfer, jordan spieth has in his own home... thrift stores are a great place to find good value... and it helps change lives too... coming up, find out where the newest salvation army store is located... and the number of items it says
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(phone ringing) (phone ringing) you can't deal with something by ignoring it . but that's how some presidential candidates
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americans work hard and pay into it, so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise) hey candidates!
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and that's made possible when you buy from it's thrift stores... today - the salvation army opened a new thrift store... it's the largest in the state.. the family store opened today in the 43-hundred block of merle hay... it's where the old nova cinema used to be. the store is 37-thousand square feet.... 20 workers will be stocking five to ten thousand items each day. the money earned from the store helps run the salvation army.. and the programs it offers. major timothy millers says shopping at its stores, is a great way help the salvation army.. as well as your own budget. 35:13 this is a great way to recycle clothing and being able to reuse it, and it's also a great place when you are looking for a great value when you are trying to have a tight budget. 35:22 especially after christmas now, spending all of your money, this is an opportunity now to get these things out. 11:35. the store accepts donations too... they'll take items from clothes, to
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store in the metro. donors are stepping up to replenish the blood supply in iowa... 13:10:51 im ready to give, lets go 13:10:53 max schaeffer from k-i-o-a help lifeserves' east village blood center.. two weeks ago, lifeserve had a less than one say supply of most blood types in stock... donors stepped up, but supplies were still a little low. this blood drive encouraged more people to roll up their sleeves. shirt, iowa pork producer coupouns, and voucher for an oil change for their help. lifeserve says it had a great repsonse today, from regulars... for first time donors... 13:15:40 i had the day off work, thought i would come down here, had other errands to run, so i thought i would stop in 15:50 49:20 the reason that i do it is because there are other people that need something that they cant buy but i can give them so why would
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one blood donation can save the life of three hospital patients... lifeserve provides blood and blood products to more than 100 hospitals across iowa, nebraska and south dakota. stick around, we'll get another look at your forecast, after
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the bottom line of this economy is that it is rigged. what this campaign is about is to demand that we create an economy that works for all of us rather than a handful of billionaires. if you work 40 hours a week in america, you should not live in poverty. i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message. finally tonight.... the city of newton is getting closer to opening its first skating rink.. and they hope this weekend's weather will help move along the process. crews filled the lining of the new skating rink in maytag park this week... it now needs to freeze... the parks department hopes to open in the next two weeks... but of course, mother nature has to lead the way... the rink will be open during regular park hours... and it's free to use... so far, there are no ice skates to rent... but if you don't have your own,
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breaking news tonight. officer ambushed. horrifying images. a gunman firing 11 shots at a philadelphia cop in his patrol car. the officer firing back. hitting the suspect.
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allegiance to isis.
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